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the Bible teaching ministry of Sam Gordon

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It's Still Hurting, Lord!

Coping with life after death ... Sam & Lois Gordon share their experiences over the last 35 years since their teenage son was killed in a road traffic accident. A grippingly honest story and a must-read book ... colour photos inside.


Great God of Heaven

An easy-read commentary on Daniel ... current affairs in light of Scripture.


All hail the Lamb

Revelation made simple. There’s one storyline in this ultimate action thriller … Jesus!


Cuckoos in the Nest

Jude made simple. In a post-truth era where fake news is the norm, Jude's message is up-to-date!


5 Marks of a Gospel Church

1 Thessalonians made simple ... what makes a church a gospel church? That question, and many more, is answered in this superb volume.


DVD ... Say 'Amen' to Jesus

5 short Bible studies on the Lord's Prayer with Sam Gordon